This system uses wireless authentication to control access to a vehicle. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies allow the transmission of a unique serial number wirelessly, using radio waves. The two key parts of the system that are needed to do this are the RFID tag and the reader.

The system is designed in order to manage drivers as well as ensure only authorized drivers are able to access their respective vehicles. This system contains hardware such as an RFID tag/card RFID reader MPTRX and unit. The vehicle starts only after a swipe of their card which is how the driver is recognized.

Our Driver Management System allows organizations to better manage driver access to vehicles and monitor performance of drivers. The solution is very useful for improved safety and human resource administration.

Key Benefits

  1. Driver Tracking in Real-time; Information regarding driver registration and usage are transmitted in real time
  2. Vehicle Access; Only authorized drivers can operate the vehicle because an immobilization relay makes it impossible to start a vehicle
  3. Driver’s Working Hours Tracking; Precise tracking of working hours, overtime and use for private purposes
  4. Driver’s Overtime Tracking; After work hours for each driver is set, the system automatically calculates overtime hours and provides the information through
  5. Bluetrax reports.
Key features:

  1. Drivers Authenticate Using Unique Keys to Access Vehicle
  2. Advanced Administration Software for Access Control
  3. Analytics for Driver Performance
  4. Automatic Alerts Warning Of Driver Danger of Violations



Monitoring driver’s behavior is a key part of fleet management. Having a better understanding of how drivers are utilizing the vehicles on a day-to-day basis is an important factor in fleet decision making, from vehicles choice to driver training


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