This module is integrated directly to the Tracking and Monitoring module and thus keeps fleet management records up-to-date with tracking data.
Features of this solution include
  1. Robust Data Collection ability-our system records location, time spent on site, mileage covered, fuel consumed ignition status and many more.
  2. Real –time tracking of vehicle location with Multiple Live Tracking screen available for Control room setting
  3. Automated Reports – Automated daily (weekly/Monthly) IVMS reports with on information on driver’s patterns.
  4. Capture Drivers behavior such as Speeding, Harsh braking, harsh acceleration, Impact etc.
  5. The system easily integrates with the Drivers Module to identify drivers and their behaviors.
  6. Generate tracking reports and fleet reports
  7. Capture Location, speed, direction, mileage, time of journey

Every business has operational elements that require a lot of time, energy and highly coordinated logistics. For some businesses they may be more involved than others, like those that require coordinated vehicular operation to remain successful and profitable. Companies that focus on delivery, freight, transportation, and any other type of business that utilizes multiple vehicles, can benefit from fleet management systems, services or leasing.

Fleet management is done in order to enhance the quality of the company’s service and to develop efficiencies to make the service more effective.

 If your business utilizes vehicles, but does not have a fleet management system, consider the benefits below to see why your business may benefit from a fleet management system

Benefits of our fleet management solution

  1. Improved Dispatching Allows for Additional Jobs
  2. Automate Your Fleet Reports
  3. Improve driver and fleet security
  4. Ensure fleet compliance
  5. Improve Safety for the Fleet
  6. Improve Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
  7. Improved Insurance Benefits
  8. Improves Customer Service and Satisfaction


Rivercross has an In Vehicle Monitoring System Module that provides access and an interface to all the Fleet Management Data.


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